Thursday, 13 January 2011

Onwards and Upwards with the Bedroom...

And as we continue on with the bedroom, we are getting more excited. It's a great feeling to be able to mark something off your to-do list. And as the newly assigned project manager for 2011, I feel like we have made great strides already this year. Steve just lit our gas fire and the warmth made me feel so cosy...and the idea of actually making serious progress. Hopefully, fingers crossed, I will only have a couple of more bedroom updates before we move on to the next room.

 A closer look at our lovely Marilyn paper
 The door to our balcony.
 Our outside view with lovely English weather! 
 The gas fireplace
 A look at our IKEA sliding wardrobes.
...and I just wanted to show everyone how much I have consolidated from a walk-in closet in USA to a wardrobe here in the UK. Ok, I do have another smallish closet in another room. :o) 


  1. You consolidated all those clothes to that? I'm impressed.

  2. THANK YOU for yur commen!...i also followed you via GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT.....please keep us in touch and when you wish seeing something about rome, please remember you have a new friend in Rome..!
    best regards