Monday, 31 January 2011

For the Love of Antique Shopping...and Of Course, Not So Antique

I can deal with the horrible dust, the exposed pipes and the banging down walls if shopping is this fun every time a room is ready to decorate! We have had a great time finding bits and bobs for our new bedroom that make it our own. And of course, items jump in to my lap that aren't necessarily for the bedroom. :o) England has some of the far, antique shops...well, why not? England does have a bit more history than the good ole USA. I have enjoyed touring around and looking for antique shops but my favorite, by far, is Green's, which lucky me, is located about 2 minutes from home...not so lucky Steve. I go often and some days leave with loads and others, with nothing. They do get new things in so I don't know if it is the mood I am in or the new things that I just have to have?!?
Here are some unique items that we found on our antique journey this past weekend.

I really enjoy this mannequin. It has such great dimensions and artistry. It's probably the best one I have seen. We actually got this at a lovely place called Summersaults in Rugby. I saw it and really loved it, didn't get it and then Steve surprised me with it for my birthday last year so it is extra special. And as you can see, I dressed it up a bit.

I just wanted to show some of the detailing. Birds, flowers and butterflies are on the bottom and top. It's lovely!!

And you can't just have a plain have to dress it up a bit. Shabby Chic is what they call it. This is a clip on butterfly we found clipped on to a lam at Green's. Very versatile.

I really just liked these shoe maker metal shoes to use as book ends. The resale value of these are very high in case we would like to make a profit. The shoe maker company name is engraved on both. Just so cute!

And this is my favorite! It's a hand painted screen on canvas. This was definitely a bargain...only £30 ($42). I am sure it will have clothes draped all over it in no time or perhaps a dirty dancing scene. "Come here loverboy." -Baby

This is a simple addition to any room. I think I might use this for my makeup brushes or toothbrushes. The possibilities are endless. lol.

This piece is my favorite...being the esteemed coffee drinker that I am. This is a copper, antique coffee pot. Ebay has this item polished going for the bidding price of £210 currently. We bought this one for £35. A bit of polish and we are in the money. Great find...I don't know if I will be able to sell it. I might actually use it so whoever wants to come over for a cuppa is welcome!!!

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