Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Each Day A New

Wow. Each day is such a new day with a 3 month old. He surprises us and enlightens us everyday. I have to say with my new experience as a mother, that these past few weeks have been an amazing development phase for Isaac. He is wonderful and makes me smile all the time. I miss him when he is having his nap times and love being around him when he is awake. Morning times are the best. After his long, long sleep, he wakes up with a smile that will change the world.
I talk to him all the time. I tell him to change the world a bit, to be passionate about something, to be good at a lot of things but to be great at one thing. To pick one thing and do it the best he can. I tell him to love people, to have a good heart and to love God. I tell him that he can do anything he wants to do. It's so funny...I talk to him like he's an adult. I know that Isaac is going to change the world a little and touch people's heart. He's changed my world and he touches my heart everyday.
We have had such a lovely last few weeks. The first few were so difficult but we have finally gotten the hang of this parenting thing...well, at least for now. Things are constantly changing so I know there will be more hurdles to overcome.
We have already started teething. He has a side molar coming in...whoops...seems to be doing things a little backwards. Looking online (what we ever did before Google, I will never know) at the order of teeth appearances and it says that molars come in at around 13 months. That the front bottom teeth should be the first to come in. With the new teething, Isaac is constantly chewing his hand and I am surprised that he doesn't drown in the amount of slobber. I thought that we would have a few months to relax before teething but we are not that lucky.
The smiles are contagious, the laughter is so wonderful and each day is new. We love our son more everyday. Each day is a new day. There is light at the end of that first few weeks tunnel.