Monday, 21 May 2012

Yee Haw...Isaac Turns 1...

I can hardly believe that my baby is 1. Everyone says that the time flies by and it actually does. I wanted to celebrate Isaac's first birthday for him but more for me and Steve actually surviving the first year. It was a birthday with a huge sigh of relief behind it. :o) PHEW!!!

It was a wonderful week all together. And the cowboy party last Saturday topped it all off. It was a wonderful day and we were surrounded by people who have been amazing throughout the past year. Those whom I don't think I would be functioning without.

I really focused on doing the party on my own and being the domestic mommy that I have seen online and on pinterest. O, Pinterest...what would I do without you!! Most of my things were pinterest inspired!!

I'm just going to post the pictures starting from the Wed - my boy's first birthday. His birthday was all about bikes and more bikes!


IMG 3308

The day starts with a healthy's going to be an exciting day!! 

IMG 3315

One of Isaac's gifts was his first real bike ride equipped with his very own seat and helmet!! The tears soon dry up!

IMG 3324

And we are ready to go. Steve looks like he is in a bit of was a short bike ride! 

IMG 3327

One of Isaac's gifts was his first bike. It is so cool and he loves it. We have been out twice a day since Wednesday! 

Our Wednesday was a packed day and Isaac was exhausted. He loved the day and had several new experiences. It was such a cool day. And next was the party and on the Friday, my girlfriend, Claire came over and we baked and baked and baked. Claire does amazing cupcakes and cakes and turns her baking treats in to true works of art. She is sooo talented! She made all of the cupcake toppings by hand the night are some close-ups! 

IMG 3331

The boots even have spurs on the detail! 

IMG 3334

Cowboy hat! 

IMG 3335


IMG 3337

Claire working her magic!! 

IMG 3341

Cake pops in making. They are yummy - messy, but yummy. I got my recipe off and of course, Pinterest! 

IMG 3343

Our first completed cake pops!

IMG 3347

Isaac and his bezzie, Jenson testing out the party area. They have so much fun together!!! 

IMG 3351

We are getting excited and had our pre-hoedown hoedown! 

IMG 3358

Claire's beautiful cupcakes. 

IMG 3359

Cake Pops! 

IMG 3360

Already tearing up the decorations! They didn't last long...the party hasn't even started.

IMG 3363

Yee Haw! We are ready for some square dancin!!

IMG 3367

IMG 3370

The entertainment was a baby sensory class full of parachutes, beach balls, balloons, pom poms, and even a puppet show! It was adorable and the babies loved it! 

IMG 3373

The puppet show! 

IMG 3374

Some of the guests! 

IMG 3380


IMG 3382

Party pics.

IMG 3384

The parachute.

IMG 3387

Isaac and all of his friends.

IMG 3389

Steve got to enjoy some of the party after he finished grilling out!

IMG 3393

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. After this photo was taken, I dropped the candle and almost set my child on fire. I'm tearing up laughing so hard right now at this very moment.

IMG 3397

Enjoying his cake...I threw some strawberries on there to make it look healthy...but those got left. 

IMG 3414

WANTED! This was fun...everyone had their pictures taken and I am going to print them out and send the picture with the thank you cards.

IMG 3413

One of Isaac's friends - Charlie

IMG 3406

Isaac's best friend - Jenson.

IMG 3463

My homemade Hoedown sign! 

IMG 3472

And we are still partying the day after...the party never stops here! 


It was a wonderful day. I will always remember our 1st birthday party. Yee haw to all the cowboys and girls who made our day so special. I'm already thinking about what to do next year!!! If this year goes as fast, it will be here before I know it! Isaac - thank you for an amazing year. You have made me a better person and have given me the most heavenly gift there is here on earth - motherhood. I love you deeply and may the party continue!