Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Our Master Bedroom Project...

All of you that were keeping up know that we were working on our master bedroom. Well, plans change like with any great project, so we decided to put the bathroom on hold and work on our master bedroom. We are currently living in the what will be the guest bedroom with en suite bathroom. This guest bedroom is about 80% complete so it hasn't been too bad. It would just be nice to be in a completed room. It would be nice to actually complete a room. So here we are....slaving away in the master bedroom, complete with a balcony and gas fire. I am sure you can appreciate it better with pictures so here goes...don't gasp too loudly.

 Steve's dad working on the ceiling.
 This is the hallway looking in to the master bedroom that we are working on.
 Taking off some of the wall to expose the brick. We are taking down the ceiling as well. Notice the 70's looking ceiling...UGH!

 The open ceiling. We have a lot of work to do here.
 Starting the process of boards...then the plaster.
 The walls before boards and plaster.
 I am HARD at work here! I love power tools! 
The walls are plastered and painted. New windows have also been installed. Please excuse the mess!

See the gas fire place...I wasn't joking! We have a lot more to do at this point so stay tuned for more updates on our master bedroom. 

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