Wednesday, 12 January 2011

...and the work on the bedroom continues...

The first steps of a massive renovation like this can be quiet daunting. My first thought to myself, of course, is usually something like "what in the world?" Actually either "what" or "how." These comments sometime occur outside my head, especially at the moments where the walls are coming down and where Steve has the floor up walking across tiny, tiny rafters.
Back to the master bedroom, equipped with gas fire and a balcony (keep saying that over and over), some progress is being made...the walls now have boards and have been plastered. Plastering is very tedious and time-consuming, therefore we get in our two trusty work men to do it for us, Mick and Tony. Mick is the plasterer and Tony...well, I have yet to figure out what Tony does. I make them real English tea and they rate me every cuppa. I usually get an 8 or 9...never a 10, which "isn't too bad for an American." Mick wears these really advanced looking stilts to walk around and plaster the looks all very complicated to me. I just bring tea when they yell "is the kettle broken?" I've got words in my head for them too!!! ha!
Ok here we go...progress continues...

 This is our chimney breast. We stripped wallpaper and boards off to get to the exposed brick (which I love).
 More stripping
 We were very pleased at the brick and the condition that it is in. 
 The ceiling has been leveled and you can see all of the exposed brick on either side of the chimney breast.
 Ceiling rafters
 The ceiling is boarded.
 And I am still working hard...drilling cable holes.
 The door to the bedroom is on the left and if you look to the left when you walk in, this is what you see. It is half of our bedroom. You can't tell from this, but we used Marilyn Monroe wallpaper that is awesome and sliding wardrobes from IKEA. Notice the walls have been plastered and painted.
This is what you see when you walk in and look to the right. It is going to eventually be a sitting room with the gas fire. Whew...someone needs to get in there and clean up!! 

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