Thursday, 20 January 2011

Your Own Hollywood Themed Bedroom

Well, with our Marilyn Monroe wallpaper, we find ourselves sort of stumped when it comes to decorating our bedroom with finishing details. We are enjoying the theme but need some help with the decorating and found this article from

Create the glamour and mystique of Hollywood in your home and  design a lavish bedroom, bathroom or  dressing room befitting a Starlet, filled with all the fantasy, glitz and glamour thats speaks of Hollywood, or design a fun movie theme playroom for the kids, teens or adults, filled with popcorn, novelty cinema style seating, movie posters, movie theme costumes displayed on the walls, and loads of decorating props & movie memorabilia.

Paint the starlets room in soft colors of pink or peach with contrasting black accents and gold, silver and mirrored furniture pieces, and shimmery accents, sequins and velvet.

If your furniture isn't new, paint and decorate the furniture with jewels,  rhinestones and glitter, and dress it up even more with crystal knobs and

Add a film roll border around the room. Drape 
gossamer  movie themed material on windows and/or walls.

Paint, stamp or stencil different sized
gold stars around window frame and door frame, or on picture frames.

black and white posters  of hollywood stars, starlets and their film posters and reviews. Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe. Frame autographed pictures of your favourite celebrities, or even better, enlarge any photos you may have of you with any famous stars.

Hang large mirrors, with an added extra touch, draw a kiss mark on a mirror, with red lipstick, offcourse!
DIY Make-up mirror - cut a frame from plywood and drill holes around the edge, paint and embellish with glitter and jewels, when dry, push one flashing fairy light bulb through each of the holes. Attach the frame to a plain mirror and hang on the wall within easy access of a plug socket.

Set a romantic mood with 
lighting, wall sconces with hanging crystals,scented candles,  and some fun with spotlight Lamps, crystal hanging lights, flashing neon lights or novelty themed table lamps.

Create a glamorous sleeping area with a luxurious canopy draped bed, tufted headboard or a unique round bed even better, with silk, satin, sheeny shiny bedding and dress the bed up with soft fluffy textured mink pillows and throws, fun star shaped pillows - feather boas and for the floor soft faux fur 
rugs, and stunning chaise lounge for relaxing.

Display different styles of  perfume bottles, award trophies - real or props, and furry novelty decorative accents.

Every starlet needs her manniquin head with an emergency wig waiting to be adorned, or to showcase all the sparkling diamond necklaces.

Add a little fun to the playrooms with  lifesize standups, novelty decor and 
Hollywood Movie props.

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