Tuesday, 24 January 2012

To Feel like You're Outside Without Actually Being in the Rain...

...and that's what our Conservatory is designed to do. Make you feel like your outside without having to get your hair wet. One of our walls is a glass door that slides open so we can get the feel of outside and step right in to our garden (which needs a lot of work). Most houses in England have a conservatory as an additional room. For some, the entire room is glass with a glass ceiling and glass walls. Some people dine in their conservatory whilst others use theirs as a kiddie playroom. I am certain that ours will be the later already equipped with our LoveSac...the biggest beanbag in the world.
Our Conservatory:
The fireplace is a see-through fireplace which can be seen in the kitchen. We can't decide if we want a fire place with crawling baby!!

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  1. oh my goodness!!!! I am LOVING all of the reno pics! The floor is absolutely amazing as is the old fireplace. I love that you guys kept that. Isaac is going to love running through that when he is older =) a fun tunnel to his play room. Keep the posts coming! I LOVE hearing about it all. Love you! HOpefully i can get over there to see it all before you sell. You and I snuggled up on the lovesac with a bottle of wine catching up =)