Monday, 23 January 2012

Making Serious Progress

As I wrote in the last post, our house reno project has come a long way and I honestly forget about how rough it has been. I can remember the winter of 2010 when I was pregnant and the house was freezing with only half being heated. It honestly felt colder inside than out.
Now the entire house is heated and cooking in our kitchen is a pleasure...imagine that!
Here are some pics of the kitchen, which is about 90% complete. It's gorgeous with under floor heating and great amenities. The only mistake we made is our glossy black floor tiles. When you have a long-haired GOLDEN retriever, best not to have black tiles.

Here is a pic of our old kitchen which is still here but will eventually be our office

I can't believe that I was actually able to operate in here.

Now we get to the "pleasure of cooking" kitchen designed with the plan of hosting lovely parties and cooking 5-star meals. First are some pics of the "work in progress:"

The kitchen is still a work in progress. We need the wall tiles (in between the cabinets and the counter), the backsplash and the extractor above the stove top *Hob in England*

But as you would most likely agree....we have come a long way!

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