Thursday, 2 February 2012

It Really Does Take 9 months...

I cannot believe that it's been 9 months since Isaac first made his debut in to the world.
No one, I mean no one said anything before hand about the healing process after labor (I wish someone had), but afterwards, everyone was happy to tell me that it takes awhile to heal and to get back to feeling like your old self.
I personally believe that it takes 9 months to get back to feeling like your old self and probably close to a year to get back to your pre pregnancy weight.
The healing process and the weight loss are definitely individualized. I mean, I know some women who put on no weight during pregnancy and looked like a super model when the left the hospital. Well, this wasn't me!
So, 9 months post labor and I am finally feeling like my old self...most days. I have a ways to go with my weight but feeling confident that within a year, I will be back in to my fav jeans.
Here's me getting geared up to run 5 miles last the freezing cold. I was half way around and I thought to myself "it really does take 9 months."

Isaac is always happy to go running with us:

And my two favorite guys:

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