Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Master Bathroom Project...

The house renovation is moving ahead and we are finally making some good progress. I have changed every room layout and the main house layout that HAD been put in to place by Steve....like the "what will be's." Well, we are women...we know best! And, I am a big "everything has to be centered" person. I think that comes from my lack of experience with this renovation and decorating thing. Like if you had more experience, you could possibly be comfortable with things being off centered and using decorating items to balance a room. Maybe I will get there. For instance, while I was in the States, Steve worked on the bathroom, mainly installing the Jacuzzi bath. When I got back, I immediately wanted to change the entire layout of the bathroom because....nothing was centered. Apparently, it is not easy to change things because of the plumbing...or something. :o) But, Steve being Steve, he changed it around. So I am posting pictures, step-by-step of our bathroom renovation. The bath, toilet and sink are all Jacuzzi from www.jacuzzi.com.  I have been in the bath about 20 times already and just close my eyes, click my heels and I am in a glorious and brilliantly finished bathroom. And then I wake up!

The Jacuzzi sink and the stand alone black granit countertop.

Our awesome Jacuzzi hot tub bath, which was on the adjacent wall...then Meg changed it! 

The Jacuzzi toilet...self-explanatory.

We were just standing the top up to see what it would look like. 

My hardworking man in his cute work vest.

This is where the shower will go...to the right of the bathtub. 

...and the plumbing begins...I think Steve was soldering...which I actually know what soldering is because of my novice jewelry making...see, I do know this stuff.

All the tools...I'm sure they all have names.

So, as you can see...we are in the beginning stages of the bathroom renovation. Apparently, the best thing I can do during this is bring Steve tea. He says "you can never have too many cuppa's while you work." I know my place. Come back tomorrow for an update on our bathroom. 


  1. Way to go, Steve!!! I love, love, love the sink!

  2. LOVE IT! The sink is going to look AMAZING - love the black granite! What are you going to do with the walls? Are you going to paint? Or do something from the time period from when the house was built? Oh, so much fun =)