Friday, 8 October 2010

Master Bathroom Project Day 2...

So, we are still working hard on the master bathroom. It is a mess but as they get's worse before it get's better. I wonder who said that...probably someone who lived in a maculate mansion in Manhattan!! We have struggled with the countertop because it doesn't really offer any storage space and looking to resale, we need storage space in the bathroom. It's funny how a countertop can take up a day of your life. We decided on underneath cabinet storage, which posed a problem in itself due to the depth of the countertop. Most bathroom storage units fitted underneath bathroom sinks are shallow so.....we went for a kitchen cabinet...problem least for now.

So as you can see...the kitchen cabinet is on the right side of the countertop...which has dual purposes...1. hides the pipes for the sink tap and 2. the necessary storage. To fill the space on the left side, I believe that I will get a nice stool to be able to know, all the important things.

The shower tray is now installed. 

The ceiling has been plastered and the light fixture installed (that is temporary)!!! 

The sink tap has been installed (please excuse the mess). 

And...all the good stuff for the toilet has been installed. You can see a circular push button at the top. In the UK, they have push buttons for flushing and not handles. And in most cases, there are two options for flushing...yes, you get options for flushing. Half of the push button is for HALF a flush (which I still don't get) and the other half if for a FULL flush. I think it has something to do with water saving, sewage and being GREEN. Well, from will go GREEN if you use the HALF flush option!!! 

You will notice here the extra wood and window seal that has been put in to place to make the countertop and the window base even. This will help the fluidity when we start tiling. BTW...the countertop has a clear plastic on top so it won't get ruined. It's a mess in our bathroom!! I need to get Steve to write these entries...I feel like such a girl when trying to explain these things. The "push button thingy" is how I use to describe things! LOL!! 


  1. You described the thingy just right. I understood perfectly what you were saying. Half a flush, huh? Is it still as loud as a full flush?

  2. I'm not sure but I think if you look in the dictionary under 'thingy' it says: 'n. the object used in home remodeling to fix, install, and level. It often has a button which one must push. See thingamabobber and doohickey'

    Adorable post! Hope all goes well with the remodel!

    L. Avery Brown

  3. Hi,it seems you have a pretty hard work to do..
    New follower.. Hope you stop by too! ;)