Friday, 16 April 2010

Britannia Place

I have shown you in my recent post, the inside rooms of Britannia Place. The outside needs just as much work, if not more! :o) I am not really into the white brick so hopefully, we are going to get someone to blast off the white and leave the exposed brick. The brick will be very old so on the first attempt, we will get the paint blaster to do just a block. We have no idea what lies underneath and what the old bricks will look like. If the brick does not look like it can be restored or cleaned, we are going to repaint the house white.

Britannia Place.

This is the garage...soon-to-be dance studio.

The garden of bliss is on the other side of the fence...the side of the house.

Just had to put this in here!! 


  1. I like the idea of the old brick. I can't wait to see just that one block you do at first.

  2. what are y'all up to today Megan? We are going to Linda's to have some quiet time Ha Ha.